• And Here We Are, a shadow puppetry opera in 2 Acts, 90 minutes. Premiered by Blarvuster and Mantra Percussion with the composer conducting at National Sawdust, NYC, May 6, 2018. Produced by Experiments in Opera


  • Level, a chamber opera for mezzo-soprano, tenor, flute, piano, cello, bass and percussion, 10 minutes. Premiered by Experiments in Opera at Symphony Space May 5-6, 2017.


  • Salute on the Birth of Rory Mor, for San Francisco Girls Chorus, 7 minutes. Premiered December 19, 2016 at Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco.

  • Comala’s Song, a mono-drama for soprano and septet, 17 minutes. Premiered April 12, Scandinavia House, NYC, commissioned for Ensemble neoN by Ultima Festival (Oslo) and MATA Festival 2016.


  • Dhammapada Cantata, For mezzo-soprano, baritone and sextet, 11 minutes. Commissioned by Cantata Profana

  • SISYPHUS, an opera in one act. Composed in collaboration with Experiments in Opera. Soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, cello, vibraphone and contrabass, 70 minutes. Premiered February 13 at Abrons Art Center, NYC


  • Barbarella, a film trailer opera, for mezzo-soprano, narrator, video and electronics. Produced by the composer and Experiments in Opera, premiered May 2 and 3, NYC 

  • The Mutt, a radio opera for voice, 2 electric guitars and electronics, 13 minutes. An opera as imaginary interview documentary about the master skateboarder Rodney Mullen. Premiered by Experiments in Opera, Feb 28.


  • ReAnimator Requiem, for choir (ssaattbb), electric guitar, bass guitar and drums, 30 minutes. Premiered November 2 at Abrons Art Center NYC, produced by Experiments in Opera, with the composer conducting

  • The Three Truths, a Robot Micro-Opera, 12 minutes. Premiered as an Experiments in Opera production with Hotel Elefant performing, Anne Rhodes and Jeffrey Gavett soloists, Paolo Bortolameolli conducting, Actors Fund Center, NYC, Feb 9

2007, 2012

  • Borges and the Other, a 2-act opera with text by the composer and adapted from Jorge Luis Borges for an expanded version of Blarvuster: 2 mezzo-soprani, tenor and baritone, SATB chorus, flute, viola, 2 electric guitars, piano, bass guitar, vibraphone, drum set, 85 minutes. The opera can be divided into subsets, each of the 2 acts and the choral tableaux may be performed separately or in small combinations, in order to form a shorter opera. First premiered 2007 (act two scenes), and with a full premiere May 11, 2012. Performed by Blarvuster at Roulette (NYC) with the composer conducting. Borges and the Other has received funding from the Jerome Foundation via Roulette, and segments have been performed at Roulette, The Stone, Le Poisson Rouge, and Rider University.





  • The Sound of the Waves Against Castle Duntroon, for bagpipes and percussion quartet, 10 minutes. Commissioned by Clocks in Motion, and premiered December 10 at The Stone, NYC.

  • 12 Etudes for Piano, for Suzana Bartal, 30 minutes, December 8 at The Stone, NYC

  • Lumba-Lumba Hijau, for bass clarinet and 5-octave marimba, 7 minutes, commissioned and premiered by Transient Canvas, September 12


  • Beriberi Blues, for two acting percussionists, 2 glockenspiels and two Filipino bamboo buzzers (Balimbing), 10-12 minutes. Commissioned by Radical 2 percussion duo


  • Cumha Na Marbh - Requiem aeternam dona eis (Sting Quartet #2) for violin, violin, viola and cello, 2013, 13 minutes. Premiered at Norfolk, CT July 27, commissioned by Astrid Baumgardner and premiered by the Kubrik Quartet


  • Lagu Campur Dua, for 7-tone Balinese gamelan gender wayang (or two marimbas), 8 minutes. Premiered by the composer and Gamelan Wira Surya of Wesleyan University as part of New Music New Haven at Yale University, New Haven, CT, March 1


  • "...for fear that my shadow may enter the world...", (new expanded version), for flute/piccolo, violin, cello and percussion (triangle and glockenspiel), 7 minutes. Premiered by The Cadillac Moon Ensemble at Issue Project Room, June 17


  • Melos Senis, for bagpipe and brass quartet (picc trpt, trpt, tbne, tba), 4 minutes. Premiered by the composer and musicians in NYC, March 12

  • Loch Fyne Variations, for percussion quartet (glockenspiel, xylophone, vibraphone and marimba), 10 minutes. Commissioned by Ethos Percussion with funds from the Jerome Foundation. Premiered by Ethos Percussion, NYC, April 15


  • The Secret Labyrith of Ts'ui Pen, for clarinet, percussion (vb/mar), piano, violin and cello, 7 minutes. Commissioned and performed by The Transit Quintet, Nov. 14

  • Variasi Ombak, for flute, viola, harp and two percussion (vibraphone and marimba/crotales), 10 minutes. Commissioned and premiered by Percussia with the composer conducting Sept. 6.

  • Colloquy of the Birds, for bagpipe and electric guitar quartet, 10 minutes. Commissioned by Dither Quartet, Premiered by the composer and Dither Quartet May 4

  • Ulrikke, for cello and percussion (vb, xyl, gong), 10 minutes. Commissioned and premiered by Odd Appetite with funds from Music At The Anthology Jan. 25


  • The House of Asterion, for piano and violin ad libitum, 7 minutes. Premiered by Emily Manzo (solo piano version) Oct. 26 (ad libitum performed also in July as version for electric guitar)


  • Siubhal Turnlar, for string quartet, 2004, 25 minutes. Premiered by the Flux Quartet (premiere June 20, 2005). (featured on Matthew Welch CD Dream Tigers on Tzadik Records 8015, 2005)



  • We Love You Madly”, for chamber orchestra (flute/picc, clarinet, Lupophon, Kontraforte, trumpet, trombone, tuba, harp, piano, violin, vc, drum set), 14 minutes. Premiered at and commissioned by the Jazzwerkstatt, Bern Switzerland with the composer conducting guest soloists and Ensemble Proton, February 16.


  • Ritual Fall, for bagpipe and orchestra (of variable size). Premiered November 17 with the composer as soloist, Paolo Bortolameolli conducting the Zephrus Project Orchestra.


  • Sudamala, for Highland Bagpipe and Orchestra, 11 minutes. Premiered by Yale Philharmonia, composer as soloist, Jonathan Brandini conducting, New Haven, CT, Dec. 6

  • The Favrile Opalescence, a concerto for Solo Highland Bagpipe and Percussion Sextet, 13 minutes. Premiered and commissioned by Columbia State University Percussion Ensemble, Paul Vaillancourt directing, composer as soloist, October

  • from Orbis Tertius, for Highland Bagpipe and Brass Septet (picc trumpet, 3 tpt, tbne, bs tbne, tba), 8 minutes. Premiered by the composer and the Yale Philharmonia, Paolo Bortolameolli conducting, New Haven, CT, Feb 2

2010, 2014

  • The Mosaic of Iridescence,. For Blarvuster: Bagpipe/alto sax/voice, flute/piccolo, viola, electric guitar, bass guitar and drum kit, 45-75 minutes. Premiered by Blarvuster at The Stone, NYC, February 23, 2010. Re-orchestrated for Ensemble Proton, Bern, Switzerland, and premiered Feb 16, 2014




  • The Library of Babel, for Blarvuster: bagpipe, el. guitar and drums. Premiered at The Stone, NYC, Dec. 9, by the composer, Brendon Randall-Myers and Brian Chase.


  • The Finger Lock, for Blarvuster, bagpipe/sax/voice with electric guitar, bass guitar and drumset, 30 minutes. Commissioned by and premiered at the Switchboard Music Festival, San Francisco, CA, April 12


  • The Mosaic of Iridescence, for Blarvuster, Bagpipe/alto sax/voice, flute/piccolo, viola, electric guitar, bass guitar and drum kit, 45-75 minutes. Premiered by Blarvuster at The Stone, NYC, February 23. Reorchestrated for Ensemble Proton, Bern CH, and premiered Feb 16, 2014


  • Blind Piper's Obstinacy #2 - The Unjust Incarceration, for Blarvuster, Bagpipe/alto sax, flute/piccolo, viola, electric guitar, bass guitar and drum kit, flexible duration of 30-60 minutes. Commissioned by RPI-EMPAC, premiered by the composer and Blarvuster April 25


  • Bhima Swarga, for Balinese Gamelan Semara Dana, electronics and saxophone (in collaboration with video and electronics on the part of Ikue Mori), 40 minutes, performed 2006, 2007, 2008, 2015 by Ikue Mori, Welch and Gamelan Dharmaswara. Premiered July 1, 2006. (Collaboration released on Tzadik DVD edition #3007, 2007)

  • Blind Piper's Obstinacy, for bagpipe, electric guitar, bass guitar and drum kit (open to additional instrumentation), flexible duration of 30-60 minutes. Premiered and performed by Blarvuster


  • Blarvuster Songbook, a collection of 10 compositions for the composer's ensemble Blarvuster (bagpipes/soprano sax/vocals, flutes, viola, electric guitar, electric bass, drum kit/glockenspiel), 45 minutes. Premiered and performed by Blarvuster. Titles include: High Street, Song 1, Song 2, Bottums Up, Gorgamor the Giant Gecko, Pak Gusti Aji (all available on the Tzadik release Matthew Welch: Blarvuster, Tzadik 8077), Jigs and Academic Quadrangle